Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cancer Support Community (CSC)?

Cancer Support Community (CSC) is a nonprofit organization that provides social and emotional support for people impacted by cancer. CSC services are research-based, led by mental health professionals, and always free of charge.

Who needs Cancer Support Community?

Anyone impacted by cancer – women, men, children, teens, and their families and friends – are welcome to attend programs and become members at CSCDC. We provide support, information, and community.

What happens at Cancer Support Community?

At CSCDC, you will find a community of free support including support groups, educational events and series, healthy lifestyle, and social activities, in a warm, welcoming setting. While we work towards building a brick-and-mortar support center, we will be offering these programs online and will work with local partners to provide in-person activities once it is safe to do so from a COVID-19 perspective.

Is there a charge to join Cancer Support Community?

No! Everything is free of charge for anyone attending Cancer Support Community events.

Do I need a referral to participate?

While a referral can be made by a member of your health care team, self-referral is encouraged. Visit the “Get Started” section of the website to learn more.

Can a family member or friend attend even if the person with cancer does not?

Yes! We have specific groups for family and friends who support individuals with cancer.

Is there a pressure to be “positive?”

Absolutely not. Cancer Support Community is based on respect for each person’s individual experience. Cancer can trigger a range of emotions, such as anger, sadness, frustration, or worry. At CSCDC, you are welcome to come as you are.

Where is CSCDC located?

CSCDC is currently providing services online via Zoom. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming in-person programs!

Is CSCDC supported by health care professionals and other members of the community?

Yes – we currently have both a Leadership Advisory Board and Community Engagement Advisory Council who support and strengthen the work of CSCDC

Where are other Cancer Support Communities?

Cancer Support Community and Gilda’s Club centers are located throughout the United States. To find the Cancer Support Community nearest you, visit our Find Your Location page